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“The Woman in the Castello” Takes Center Stage in Santa Clarita’s One Story One City Program This March!


Get a copy of the book at any Santa Clarita Public Library Branch

The Santa Clarita Public Library proudly unveils this year’s chosen masterpiece for the One Story One City program – ‘The Woman in the Castello’ by Kelsey James. This captivating historical fiction novel has been carefully selected to serve as a literary compass, guiding our community through a shared journey filled with enchanting narratives and thought-provoking themes. As the cornerstone of this year’s program, ‘The Woman in the Castello’ promises to be a catalyst for fostering connections and bringing neighbors together. Brace yourselves for a month full of immersive experiences, crafts and a wide variety of themed programs inspired by the book. 

The novel transports readers to the charming cobblestone streets of 1960’s Italy, diving into a captivating dance of mystery, romance and family secrets. Follow Silvia Whitford, an aspiring actress chasing fame as the plot unfolds in an eerie Italian castle in Rome. Silvia’s story becomes intertwined with her Aunt Gabriella Conti, a once-famous actress living in the castle, known for its chilling beauty and whispered tales. The castle becomes the backdrop for the horror movie, blurring fiction and reality, exposing dark secrets from the past and revealing a growing threat in the present.

An adventure full of mystery and thrills with unexpected twists and turns awaits as the staff at the Santa Clarita Public Library have prepared a month of engaging events and activities designed to ignite your enthusiasm for reading! Take a thrilling leap back in time to the 1960s at the local arthouse Laemmle movie theatre, where the secrets of crafting chilling tales will be unveiled. Embark on a spine-tingling ghost tour mirroring scenes from ‘The Woman in the Castello,’ and you will also have the opportunity to meet the mastermind behind it all, author Kelsey James, in an exclusive in-person Q&A session. Also, don’t forget to savor the ‘Books and Brews’ experience, whisking you away to an enchanting Italian night out. Get ready for a literary journey like no other!

Get your own copy of the book at any Santa Clarita Public Library Branch – it’s available in print, eBook and eAudio formats. Join the discussion using #OSOC2024 on social media to connect with other readers. Explore the complete schedule of events, discussions and programs designed to enhance your experience within the story’s universe. Visit and become a part of the literary excitement spreading through our community!

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