Contact Information

City Hall Mailing Address

23920 Valencia Blvd., Suite 300
Santa Clarita, CA 91355

(661) 259-CITY [2489]

(661) 259-8125

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Please use our Resident Service Center to access City services and make online requests.

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City Hotlines

Building Inspection Hotline(661) 286-4097
Landscape Maintenance District Hotline(661) 286-4050
Stormwater Hotline(661) 222-7222
Graffiti Hotline(661) 252-5326
Volunteers(661) 250-3726

City Departments

City Manager’s Office

City Manager Ken Striplin
Assistant City Manager: Frank Oviedo
Public Information Officer: Carrie Lujan, 661-255-4314
Mayor and City Council: 661-255-4370

Administrative Services

Director of Administrative Services: Carmen Magaña

City Clerk:  661-255-4391
Finance: 661-255-4920
Landscape Maintenance Districts: 661-290-2200
Purchasing: 661-286-4183
Technology Services: 661-286-4070
Urban Forestry: 661-294-2567

Neighborhood Services

Director of Neighborhood Services: Jerrid McKenna

Environmental Services: 661-286-4098
Park Info/Lost and Found: 661-290-2224
Park and Facility Maintenance: 661-290-2224

Public Works

Director of Public Works: Mike Hennawy

Capital Improvement Projects: 661-255-4942
Engineering Services: 661-255-4942
Street Maintenance: 661-294-2529
Traffic: 661-255-4942

Recreation and Community Services

Director of Recreation and Community Services: Janine Prado

Recreation & Community Services: 661-286-4135
Sports Complex (The Centre): 661-250-3703
Sports Complex (Aquatic Center): 661-250-3740
Sports Complex Gymnasium: 661-250-3758
Youth Sports: 661-250-3756
Adult Sports: 661-290-2240


Community Development

Director of Community Development: Jason Crawford

Building and Safety: 661-255-4935
Affordable Housing: 661-286-4141
Community Preservation: 661-286-4076
Planning / Zoning: 661-255-4330

Human Resources and Library Services

Director of Human Resources and Library Services: Kristi Hobrecker

Human Resources: 661-284-1418
Risk Management: 661-286-4148
Libraries: 661-259-0750
Emergency Management:

Economic Development

Director of Economic Development: Tom Cole

Economic Development: 661-259-2489
Arts & Events Office: 661-250-3787
Transit: 661-294-1BUS (294-1287)

Fire Department

Business Calls: 661-259-2111

Sheriff’s Department

Business Calls: 661-260-4000