Philosophy Statement

As City employees, we are proud to say that WE ARE THE CITY OF SANTA CLARITA. We take pride in our organization, our community and ourselves. Our mission is to deliver the best and most cost-efficient municipal service to the citizens and City Council of Santa Clarita.

We value excellence
We provide high quality and timely services.
We encourage education and continual professional development.
We have a strong commitment to the community, the organization, and individual professions.
We conduct ourselves professionally.
We believe that prudent management of our resources demonstrates our respect for the citizens whose monies support this organization.
We believe that diversity among staff and in the community creates strength.City Seal

We value a humanistic approach
Our actions recognize humans, human feelings and the importance of the individual.
We believe in participative management.
We encourage employees to enjoy their time at the work site.
We encourage ideas that improve the mental and physical health of the employees.
We are united in our efforts to support, respect and encourage individual talents and contributions.

We value creativity
We have a bias for action.
We believe in taking reasonable risks.
We accept innovative people.

We value a futuristic approach
We want decisions that will endure the test of time.
We want a City that future generations will love.

We value our enthused workforce
We encourage actions which keep employees motivated and competent.
We respect loyalty to the City.

We value ethics
We believe the soundest basis for judging the rightness of an action is a test of its morality, legality, and its effect on human rights.
We treat our fellow employees and community members fairly and equally, without prejudice or bias.

We value an open and non-bureaucratic government
We keep the public informed of what we do.
We share ideas, information, and feelings with employees.
We are helpful, courteous, and cooperative with the public and one another.
We encourage decision making on the front lines.
We are an integrated organization, we are a team.

We value our City Council
We recognize the importance of the process which elected the council.
We recognize the importance and difficulty of the Council’s job.
We are fully prepared for Council meetings.
We understand the importance of public service.
We are committed to advancing the well being of the community.