Draft Maps

Draft Maps 

The project began with the Joint Draft Map, which is the map the City and plaintiffs agreed upon as a starting point:

Click the map above to view an interactive district map.

 Map Submitter Notes
 Joint Draft Map Council & Plaintiffs Agreed-upon starting point
 101 Tony Maldonado 
 102 Tony Maldonado Not population balanced
 103 Tony Maldonado 
 104 Tony Maldonado Not population balanced
 105 Tony Maldonado Not population balanced
 106 Tony Maldonado

 Not population balanced

 107 Chamber of Commerce 
 108 Alan FerdmanAmends JDM to put Happy Valley in District 2
 109 Mike Crawford Amends JDM to unite Circle J in District 2
 110 NDCCombination of Map 107 and additional small neighborhood cleanup corrections. Here is a memo detailing the changes.
 111 Tony Maldonado 
 112 Tony MaldonadoNot population balanced
 113 NDCCompilation of many previous requested changes and potentially final tune-up of the map. Here is a memo detailing the changes.