District Elections

Transition to District Elections

The City of Santa Clarita currently has an at-large election system, which means that registered Santa Clarita voters elect the five City Councilmembers regardless of where the candidates reside in the City. Pursuant to the terms of a settlement agreement, the City will institute district-based elections for the City Council seats, starting with the 2024 City Council election. In this new, by-district election system, the City of Santa Clarita will be divided into five districts, and each voter within a district may cast one vote for a candidate residing within that same district.

The City has always operated staggered elections, so two seats will be up in November 2024. Regular elections will continue to be consolidated with statewide general elections in November of even-numbered years to fill expired City Council terms. Councilmembers serve staggered four-year terms, so the remaining three district seats will be up for election starting in November of 2026.

Final Map

Use the “Look up My Residency Details” button above or click on the map below to identify your District.

This map reflects the district boundaries and population distribution among districts established by the City Council; with minor adjustments where needed to conform to the Los Angeles County Registrar’s GIS specifications that district lines track parcel boundaries.