Maintaining Peaceful Neighborhoods

In Santa Clarita, families enjoy a safe community with a low crime rate, but sometimes arguments with neighbors can escalate into hurtful disputes. If you find yourself disputing with your neighbor, refer to the following resources which have been compiled for your reference. Thank you for your interest in maintaining a peaceful and safe neighborhood.

If you feel that a dispute will lead to violent actions, please contact the Sheriffs Department immediately. Dial 9-1-1 or Call (661) 260-4000.

Helpful Links:

California Coalition for Community Mediation
The California Coalition for Community Mediation is part of the California Dispute Resolution Council. Their mission is to provide information on mediation and community mediation services. A list of mediation services and programs within Los Angeles County is also available on this website.

Conflict911 is a free, online resource to help people solve conflict. Hundreds of free publications on alternative dispute resolution, anger management, and other related issues are available in their e-library.

Los Angeles City Attorney Dispute Resolution Program
The Los Angeles County City Attorney’s Office offers free mediation services for all types of civil disputes. Certified mediators are trained to negotiate with involved parties to resolve issues quickly and in the most peaceful manner. The Dispute Resolution Program also offers referrals, problem assessment, and consultations.

Main Office: (213) 978-1880
San Fernando Office: (818) 756-9601
View Brochure: English | Spanish

The Santa Clarita Valley Bar Association
The Santa Clarita Bar Association provides residents with a directory of available attorneys based on their areas of practice. There are several attorneys in Santa Clarita who specialize in mediation and alternative methods to dispute resolution.

The Valley Trauma Counseling Center
The Valley Trauma Counseling Center (VTCC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending violence through healing, empowerment, and increased public awareness about prevention strategies. Affiliated with the Education Psychology Department at California State University Northridge, VTCC provides counseling services, trainings and prevention education to residents of the Santa Clarita Valley.

24 Hour Hotline: (661) 253-0258