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Sidewalk in Santa Clarita A capital project adds to the City’s infrastructure. Projects include such things as constructing curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and public access ramps. Examples of capital projects might include the Santa Clarita Sports Complex, constructing the Newhall Metrolink Station, and realigning and upgrading Railroad Avenue. Additionally, constructing storm drains, widening roads, installing and upgrading traffic signals, and improving roadway conditions by realigning, striping, overlaying, and slurrying roads contribute to improving the City’s infrastructure. Capital projects also include right and left-turn pockets, installing sewers, constructing or upgrading roadway medians to beautify the City, etc. The City receives numerous requests for improvements each year. Engineering staff organizes all requests into a logical format. Staff can then evaluate the pros and cons of each proposal and recommend appropriate projects to be included in the City’s Capital Improvement Program, utilizing available funds.

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Road Rehab – Annual Overlay and Slurry Seal Project


WCP New Design - 2

The West Creek Park Inclusive Play Area project will provide an inclusive play area that welcomes children and adults of all abilities to interact, play, learn, and grow together. This project will replace the existing 5,200 square-foot play area with a new shaded inclusive play area that measures approximately 15,800 square-feet. Some features integrated into the new shaded inclusive play area which invites people of all abilities to get in on the fun consist of a dual-track inclusive zipline, a friendship swing, music instruments, sensory-friendly play elements, fenced play area with limited openings, accessible merry-go-round, a no-transfer inclusive swing, an outdoor community fitness area, and a Bankshot Playcourt (which offers basketball hoops at varying heights with non-conventionally angled backboards). Inclusive playgrounds provide meaningful play experiences. This project will construct an enjoyable outdoor play environment that provides physical and social inclusion for people of all ages and abilities. This project exemplifies the City’s commitment to improving the quality of life for its residents and supports the Building and Creating Community theme of the Santa Clarita 2025 strategic plan, along with the focus area identified in the Parks and Recreation 5-Year Plan to maximize accessibility by offering inclusive play elements and design principles for people of all ages and abilities. For more information about the West Creek Park Inclusive Play Area, please contact Jackie Lillio at (661) 286-4131 or  

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Central Park_Exhibit

The Central Park Buildout project is being constructed at the southwest corner of Central Park near the intersection of Bouquet Canyon Road and Alamogordo Road, as indicated on the attached exhibit. This project will add four full-sized multipurpose fields to provide additional opportunities for residents and local sports teams to enjoy. This will include the installation of sport field lighting, landscaping and irrigation. Residents can also look forward to various site furnishings and an additional restroom building. New exercise stairs integrated into the existing hillside will provide the community with the opportunity to engage in physical activity in the beautiful outdoors. Dog owners and their four-legged fiends will benefit from upgrades to the adjacent dog park, including a lighted accessible walkway from the new parking lot to the dog park. The addition of 268 parking spaces will accommodate more residents visiting to enjoy all that Central Park has to offer. The community will also benefit from the construction of an emergency access road from the existing parking lot to Paraguay Dr. This project supports the Building and Creating Community theme of the City of Santa Clarita’s (City) five-year strategic plan, Santa Clarita 2025. For more information about the Central Park Buildout, please contact Terry Brice, Project Manager at 661-286-4137 or


David March Park Site Plan Exhibit

This project will design Phase II improvements to David March Park, including additional amenities within the existing park footprint and development of a portion of the lower park property. David March Park was originally built by L.A. County in 2004. The park is about 13.2 acres, and was transferred to the City of Santa Clarita (City) in June 2016. Phase I was completed by the County and included the build out of approximately 2 acres of the northern portion of the property including a playground, fitness zone, horseshoe pits, picnic tables, restroom building, and parking. A Master Plan for Phase II was originally put together by L.A. County and was updated by the City in March of 2022 to meet City standards. Phase II amenities will include improvements to the existing park as well as development of an additional 5 acres of the park property. New amenities will include shade canopies for those warm summer days. A basketball court with sport court lighting to utilize and enjoy during the day and evening hours. Lighted walkways provide for leisurely evening strolls. Expanded parking will be added to the existing park. Park improvements will also include a baseball field and backstop. Residents can enjoy watching sporting events under new shaded spectator stands, and participate in or watch evening sports with the sport field lighting. Additionally, a new restroom building will be constructed. An accessible walkway will provide ease when transitioning between activity levels. Security lighting will be added along walkways. A new parking lot will also be added to accommodate residents visiting the newly expanded park. Shaded community gathering areas will provide opportunities for residents to enjoy time with family and friends while enjoying the enhanced landscape supported by irrigation improvements. This project exemplifies the City’s commitment to improving the quality of life of its residents and meets the goals of the Building and Creating Community theme of the City of Santa Clarita’s (City) five-year strategic plan, Santa Clarita 2025 and also supports the Develop, Enhance, and Rehabilitate Park Features and Facilities theme identified in the Parks and Recreation 5-Year Plan. For more information about the David March Park Phase II Improvement project, please contact Julia Regan, Senior Project Manager at (661) 255-4301 or


Via PrincessaPark Master Plan without annotations (Large)

The City of Santa Clarita is excited to announce the construction of Via Princessa Park, adding to our many parks throughout the Sant Clarita Valley.  This project will provide numerous amenities like four full-sized multi-purpose fields with sports field lighting, welcoming players and spectators alike.  In addition to conveniently located restrooms. A nature themed playground and natural play area will encourage children to use their imaginations to explore, grow and socialize with other young explorers.  Shaded picnic areas provide opportunities to relax, enjoy a snack, lunch or just a moment to take a quick break from fun activities.  Via Princessa Park will offer amenities that create and encourage outdoor recreational opportunities within the community. The City is proud to share that this project will also include a regional subterranean infiltration facility that will improve water quality to the Santa Clara River.  The facility is consistent with the City’s 2025 goal of working toward the stormwater infiltration requirements outlined in the Upper Santa Clara River Enhanced Watershed Management Program. The Via Princessa Park project provides community benefits through water quality improvements, increased park space, and the creation of new recreational opportunities.  The project displays the City’s commitment to providing future recreational needs for its residents and supporting the Building and Creating Community theme of the City of Santa Clarita 2025 5-Year. The project promotes an increase in access, and opportunities for, passive and active recreational programming within the community as identified as a focus area in the Parks and Recreation 5-Year Plan. For more information about the Via Princessa Park project, please contact Leslie Frazier, Project Manager at (661) 286-4172 or


NewhallGatewayBeautification_Project Location Map

The Newhall Gateway Beautification project is located at the State Route 14 on-ramp and off-ramp interchange at Newhall Avenue. The current design project will provide for plans to beautify this location. This will be done using landscaping to enhance the appearance of the project area. Landscaping such as trees, shrubs and groundcover will bring out the natural beauty of the surrounding area. Efficient irrigation, low water use plant material, and the balance of hardscape and landscape are elements to be included in the drought conscious design. As well as creating hardscape to complement the landscape. The existing project location includes approximately 200,000 square feet of blighted, unimproved land with no existing irrigation. The beautification of the area surrounding the interchange will improve existing conditions, highlight the mountainous terrain of the area, enhance previously-constructed Caltrans freeway infrastructure, and enhance a primary entry point for the Newhall community. As residents and visitors to the Santa Clarita Valley exit the freeway at Newhall Avenue, they will be greeted by attractive landscaping and pleasing hardscape. This project supports the Community Beautification and Sustainability theme of the City of Santa Clarita’s (City) five-year strategic plan, Santa Clarita 2025. For more information about the Newhall Gateway Beautification project, please contact Julia Regan, Senior Project Manager at (661) 255-4301 or


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