How to Become an Instructor


What is a Contract Instructor?

A “Contract Instructor” is an independent contractor for the City (Contract Instructors are not City employees) who provide a service for the community through the Contract Class program. Contract Instructors must meet the City’s requirements for consideration and be able to comply with and adhere to the City’s standard Professional Services Agreement (contract).

An instructor may design and propose the class in the form of a class that meets for weekly sessions, a one-day workshop, or a week-long camp. Classes may be held at a City facility (depending on availability) or a private facility during the winter, spring, summer, and fall seasons.

Classes are re-evaluated each season and there is no guarantee a contract will be renewed. The City’s contract is a standard agreement based on a revenue percentage split which is dependent upon where the class is held. The instructor must determine and set the registration fee for the class. Instructors who use a City facility will contract on a 60/40 split (with the instructor receiving 60% of the revenue and 40% to the City), or an instructor that uses their own facility will contract on a 70/30 split (with the instructor receiving 70% of the revenue and 30% to the City).

Classes are promoted in the City’s Seasons brochure which is distributed quarterly to over 78,000 households in Santa Clarita and posted online. The City conducts registration and collects registration fees, and instructor will submit a payment request to the City after services have been fully-rendered.


How to Get Started

Step 1. Applicants submit a Contract Class Proposal form to the Contract Class office for consideration; Submission of a proposal does not guarantee acceptance; Proposals not received by the deadline, incomplete proposals, or proposals that do not meet the established criteria (see criteria section below) will be immediately disqualified


(No current opportunities)

If we are currently not accepting class proposals for a class you’re interested in offering, you may express an interest by completing an Instructor Interest Form to be added to an interest list. Instructor Interest Forms will remain on file for one year. Should an opportunity to submit a class proposal for that class become available, we will be in touch with the interest list!

Proposal Deadlines*
 Winter 2024Spring 2024Summer 2024Fall 2024
Session Timeframe:January 8 – March 16, 2024March 25 – June 1, 2024June 10 – August 17, 2024N/A
Proposal Deadline:August 1, 2023December 1, 2023February 15, 2024N/A

*Submitting a proposal for consideration does not guarantee becoming a Contract Instructor. Dates are approximate and subject to change. The proposal review process is very thorough and can be lengthy. The timeline from the date the proposal is received to achieving approved Contract Instructor status can vary from 4-6 months; therefore, deadlines serve as a reference guide and submitting a proposal by a specific deadline does not guarantee a proposal will be considered for any respective season.

Step 2. Contract Class staff will review proposals and contact qualified applicants to schedule a Contract Class Proposal meeting with the Proposal Review Committee to further discuss the proposal

Step 3. (If applicable) If proposal is further advanced in the process and the class is proposed to be held at a non-City facility, applicant must conduct a site tour for City staff

Step 4. If the proposal is accepted, City staff will contact applicant to schedule an Orientation to discuss necessary information and requirements (see requirements section); If denied at any time, applicant will be notified and the proposal will no longer be under consideration; Eligible proposals will remain on file for one year should a future opportunity arise

Contract Class Criteria

The City will ensure the following criteria are met when reviewing a Contract Class Proposal. The City reserves the right to interpret proposals in a manner deemed fair and equitable in accordance with the goals and objectives of the Contract Class program.

  1. Class has the ability to appeal to and engage the community, and the class title and subject matter are interpreted as an appropriate City service consistent with the City’s policies, mission, goals, and strategic plans
  2. Instructor is 18 years or older, and instructor’s experience, training, and/or education demonstrates competence with the required knowledge and skills associated to the subject matter
  3. Instructor demonstrates the ability to provide excellent customer service and high-quality programs
  4. Class fee is practical and registration revenues are able to recover costs incurred by City
  5. Class is not a duplication of or similar to an existing class or program that sufficiently meets demand or that has been removed due to low enrollment
  6. Class activities do not pose an unreasonable safety risk to participants
  7. Class curriculum and activities are an appropriate service that complies with all Federal, State, County, and City laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations
  8. Proposals are subject to facility availability if requesting the use of a City facility
  9. If class is proposed to be held at Instructor’s facility, the facility is safe, welcoming, and in compliance
  10. Does not subject participants to investment advice, ventures that may pose financial risks or solicitation, and/or sale of products or services
  11. Does not promote alcohol, drug or tobacco use, firearms or weapons, gambling, or adult-oriented or sexually explicit materials
  12. Does not offer, imply, and/or infer religious instruction, practices, or rituals; is not a religious-based program or service

Contract Instructor Requirements

Accepted applicants will be contacted to schedule an Instructor Orientation to finalize the following requirements. Requirements are subject to change at any time. All offers of acceptance are contingent upon the applicant fulfilling all necessary requirements.

  1. Thoroughly review the Contract Instructor Handbook
  2. Finalization of proposed class information and logistics (location, description, fee, materials, etc.) including a site tour for classes held at a City facility
  3. Completion of the Department of Treasury Internal Revenue Service W-9 Form
  4. Receive Live Scan clearance (Department of Justice fingerprint background check) through the City; Instructors and individuals assisting Instructors (Assistants), ages 18 and up, such as co-instructors, substitutes, aides, volunteers, etc. are required to complete a Live Scan; Assistants that are minors, ages 17 and under, are required to be Live Scanned only if they have supervisory or disciplinary authority over a minor; The Instructor is responsible for disclosing prospective assistants to the City by completing the Affirmation of Live Scan form, and paying all fees related to the Live Scan ($46.00 per person)
  5. Procure, maintain, and submit certificates of insurance and endorsements including: (1) Commercial General Liability with a combined single limit per occurrence in the amount of $1,000,000; (2) Additional Insured Endorsement naming the City of Santa Clarita as an additional insured; (3) Worker’s Compensation in the amount as will fully comply with the laws of the State of California; (4) Worker’s Compensation Policy must agree to waive all rights of subrogation; however, if instructor does not have employees they will be exempt from the Labor Code and must sign an affirmation of such
  6. Submit a Certificate of Occupancy Permit/Approval to Use (only for those using a non-City facility)
  7. Sign and adhere to the Contract Class Instructor Agreement (contract)
Thank you for your interest in instructing a class through the City!