What Our Interns Are Saying

Victoria G.

California State University, Northridge
Human Resources and Library Services Intern

My internship with the City of Santa Clarita has afforded me a multitude of professional and personal development opportunities; the guidance and feedback I receive from my supervisor and other members of my department has been invaluable to my learning and development. My projects have specifically grown my experience in program development, benchmark research, and project management, and the ability to work with and learn from other departments in addition to Human Resources and the Libraries has grown my knowledge of City functions exponentially. I have felt immensely supported in my career development and am so appreciative of all the resources the City has provided me with.

Cameron M.

Cardinal Stritch University Milwaukee, WI 
Recreation and Community Services Intern

Before becoming an intern, I had worked part-time for the City in Recreation, and I was nervous as to what it would be like taking my professional journey to the next level, but let me tell you, all those nerves were gone the moment I walked in the door. When you step into the role of an intern for the City you learn right away that you are backed by the most supportive and welcoming mentors that will help you gain professional experience including formatting spreadsheets, learning organizational awareness, and how to work on a team. It is a great feeling knowing that all my hard work is going towards meaningful projects that will leave a lasting positive impact on the community.

Alessandra S.

California State University, Northridge 
Economic Development Intern

As an intern for the City of Santa Clarita, I have been wholeheartedly supported and challenged by the real-world assignments I have worked on. My coworkers, all of whom are great mentors, have advanced my professional experience and have given me the opportunity to explore my career aspirations. This internship made me more well-rounded in my communication skills, computer programs, researching, and project management. The most rewarding aspect of this internship is that I feel proud to work for the City and with the dedicated people around me.

Cade J.

California State University, Northridge 
Recreation and Community Services Intern

My internship experience with the City of Santa Clarita has been incredible. During this time, I have had the privilege of working for a truly professional organization, learned many new skillsets, had opportunities to work on a variety of projects; all of which will help me transition into my future career. Everything I have worked on, all the programs we offer are all geared towards improving the community, and it is encouraging to know that I can make such a positive impact. The best part about interning for the City is the people I work with. My supervisors and co-workers in Recreation and Community Services have been great mentors and role models and have been essential to my professional development.

Delaney R.

University of California Los Angeles
City Manager’s Office Intern

My internship with the City of Santa Clarita has been incredibly fulfilling. It has truly supplemented my education by providing valuable experience in research, while also dramatically improving my writing skills. However, it is the mentorship I have received from City staff that has really elevated my experience in this position. Being an intern has not only deepened my appreciation for public service, but has inspired me to consider a career in local government.

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