Planning an Event?

Thank you for considering City of Santa Clarita for your upcoming special event. Our City hosts hundreds of annual events in Santa Clarita parks and facilities, including festivals, sporting events, and events sponsored by nonprofit organizations. We welcome new and returning events alike.

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Our special event application process provides information, rules, and regulations important to planning your next event.  Complete and return the Special Event Inquiry or fill out the Special Event application.    

Send completed form to:

City of Santa Clarita
20880 Centre Pointe Parkway, Mezzanine
Santa Clarita, CA 91350

E-mail: Reservations
Fax: (661) 250-3710

Frequently Asked Questions

If it is a special event at one of the City of Santa Clarita parks you would need a Special Event Permit.  If the event is on private property you would need a Temporary Use Permit.

If you are having food at your event you would contact the County Environment Office for a Food Permit at (661) 287-7000.

The Fire Prevention Office will also need to know about the event and a Fire Prevention Application will need to be filled out for the event.  Their office is located in the County Complex near the Valencia Library.  Large tents and stages need a permit from City Building and Safety as well.  If you plan to have alcohol at the event you will need to obtain an Alcohol and Beverage Control Permit from the state.

Reference the Special Event Fees for cost to reserve a facility.

  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Endorsement to name the City of Santa Clarita as an Addition Insured
  • Endorsement to state that the insurance is Primary and Non-contributory
  • Auto Liability Endorsement with the policy number and City as Additional Insured (if vehicles are being used)
  • Liquor Liability (if needed)

The City of Santa Clarita can hold an event date once the inquiry form and security deposit are received. All fees need to be paid 30 days before the event.