Sammy Clarita

Wanted - Sammy Clarita
REWARD: A Furever FriendIn honor of the City of Santa Clarita’s 30th birthday, a new friend is coming to town! Sammy Clarita is really adorable, appropriately historical and festively available, and if you find him you get to keep him! Sammy will be hiding at various City events and locations. Residents are encouraged to follow the City’s official Instagram account for clues about Sammy’s whereabouts.


Join the adventure!  Find Sammy Clarita and take him home!

There are only three rules:

  1. If you find Sammy more than once, please leave him for someone else to find.
  2. Post a Sammy selfie on Instagram with the hashtag #IFoundSammyClarita when you find him.
  3. Take him home and make him your furever friend!