Teen Court

Developed by L.A. County Court and Sheriff’s Department in 1995, Teen Court addresses severe misdemeanor crimes committed by juvenile offenders.

Juvenile offenders are questioned and sentenced by a jury of their peers from local high schools. Offenders are sentenced to community service and restitution, if warranted.

Who is eligible for the Teen Court program?

Minors who commit minor offenses are screened for suitability and must meet certain criteria to be eligible.

The offender must be:

  • Between the ages of 13-17 years.
  • Have no prior criminal convictions.
  • Reside within the Santa Clarita Valley.
  • Have no known affiliations with a gang.

The offense cannot be of an extremely violent nature. The safety of anyone associated with the Teen Court program is the top priority.

What are the benefits of the program?

The Teen Court Program offers convicted juvenile offenders the incentive of having no incarceration or formal probation, and there is no conviction on their record if the sentence is completed within a six-month period.