City Sidewalk

The City of Santa Clarita's Sidewalk and Concrete Rehabilitation Project

Welcome to City Sidewalk, a webpage designed to provide up-to-date information regarding our annual sidewalk and concrete rehabilitation project. The City spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to improve sidewalks, ADA Ramps, curbs, gutters, drive approaches and more throughout the City. This year’s project will complete the list of sidewalk displacements from the annual sidewalk inspection program completed in 2023. 

Report a Sidewalk Issue

How Does the City Sidewalk Process Work?

  • Request
    • This project starts with people like you noticing tripping hazards and other harmful cracking in sidewalks, gutters and drive approaches and reporting it to Public Works by calling (661) 294-2500 or using our Resident Service Center to report an issue 
  • Respond
    • The City’s Streets Division will follow up on the request and assess the damage. The problem will be addressed with either a permanent repair (such as filling in cracks or grinding down the concrete to level it) or a temporary repair (such as adding asphalt to create a ramp between uneven sections of concrete). Temporary repairs are then added to the rehabilitation list.
  • Review
    • After the initial repairs have removed the threat of danger, the area will be assessed again and prioritized on the rehabilitation list for future mending. An inspection of City sidewalks, gutters, curbs and drive approaches happens each week, year-round. Other problem areas noticed during inspections are added to the rehabilitation list.
  • Rehabilitation
    • During rehabilitation, the old concrete is removed, the path of travel is leveled to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards and new concrete is poured. The cement pour generally dries within 48 hours.

Helpful Tips

  • During construction, pay close attention to parking notices. There will be detailed notices explaining which portion of the street will be closed and re-opened throughout the process. All cars in the “No Parking” zone during construction time will be towed.
  • Plan ahead for when you will need your car during construction. Construction on or near drive approaches may impede your ability to travel from your driveway.  
  • The City project manager and project contractor will coordinate with refuse companies, the post office and other agencies to minimize any disruption of services.
  • Contractors are responsible for any damage that occurs on your private property. If you incur any damage during the construction process, please contact the City BEFORE you attempt to repair it. The City will work with the contractor to repair the damage.
  • Construction typically occurs between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. in residential areas.

Contact Information

City of Santa Clarita, Public Works
Office: (661) 294-2520

Scott Hamilton, City Project Manager
Office: (661) 294-2563

Project Contractor: RC Becker & Sons
Office: (661) 259-4845

Alex Garcia, Contractors Project Manager
Office: (661) 259-4845 | Cell: (661) 583-3182

If you see other sidewalks in your area being damaged due to a City trees, please contact the Urban Forestry Division. The Urban Forestry Office can be reached during normal business hours at (661) 290-2200 or at (661) 290-2222 on evenings and weekends.