Wedding Wednesdays

The City Clerk’s Office is proud to offer award-winning wedding services to our community. Whether you are looking to obtain a marriage license, partake in our civil ceremony services, or both, we are happy to assist. Our City Hall Ceremony Services are booked by appointment.

Confidential Marriage
License Only

The City of Santa Clarita is pleased to offer confidential marriage licenses for marriages within the State of California. If you already have a wedding venue planned but need a marriage license, this option is for you. The City’s supply of marriage licenses has expiration dates. Please read all information in the registration process to ensure our available supply of licenses do not expire before your ceremony if planned at a location other than City Hall.

Confidential Marriage
License & Ceremony

Beaming newlyweds share a tender moment outside City Hall, their love shining brightly amidst the urban charm of the cityscape behind them.

If you would like to apply for a confidential marriage license and be married by the City Clerk at Santa Clarita City Hall, this is our memorable way to help you say, “I do.” Our convenient one-stop service provides you with a marriage license and ceremony on the same day.

Ceremony Only

If you already have a valid California marriage license and would like to be married at City Hall, we can perform a civil service using our beautiful wedding décor. City Hall offers several picturesque locations to take your special photos.

CHC Service Fee Schedule
Service Fee
Confidential Marriage License (includes administrative fee & two-signature notarization) $155.00
Confidential Marriage License & Ceremony (includes administrative fee, two-signature notarization & civil ceremony) $220.00
Marriage Ceremony Only $76.00
Certified Copy of a Marriage Record ($17 Check payable to Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk & $15 fee payable to the City for a one-signature notarization) $32.00
Witness Fee (for a Public Marriage License) $20.00
Use of bouquet & décor No Charge