Planning Division

Planning Division

Welcome to the home page of the City of Santa Clarita Planning Division. Our team of professional planners strives to make the City a better place to live and work, by overseeing the development of a prosperous and sustainable community. The Planning Division is primarily responsible for the review and approval of entitlements in the City, and oversees zoning, land use, and architectural elements for local development.

General Plan & Zoning

Land-Use & Parking Matrices

Santa Clarita’s land-use and parking matrices provide clear information on which types of land uses are allowed based on zoning, along with their corresponding parking requirements. For reference:

X: Prohibited
P: Permitted
T: Temporary Use Permit

AP: Administrative Permit
M: Minor Use PermitĀ 
C: Conditional Use Permit

Community Character and Design Guidelines

The purpose of this Santa Clarita Community Character and Design Guidelines document is to guide the creation of new residential, commercial, mixed-use, and industrial developments and give clear direction for the renovation and redevelopment of built areas.