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The City’s current Housing Element of the General Plan was approved in 2013 and outlines the City’s housing goals from 2014 through 2021.  The State of California requires that each jurisdiction’s housing element be updated every eight (8) years and certified by the State.  The City is currently updating its Housing Element for the 2021-2029 period.  A major component of this update is the 6th Cycle Regional Housing Needs Assessment (“RHNA”), in which the State estimates each region’s housing needs for all income groups. Other updates are necessary to address new legislation the State continues to add regarding housing (see related housing bills in FAQs).


State law requires each jurisdiction to adopt a General Plan, which is a comprehensive, long-term plan for its physical development. General Plans include several “elements” that address various topics. The Santa Clarita General Plan includes seven elements, including the Housing Element.

While most portions of a General Plan are updated every 20-25 years, State law requires the Housing Element be updated every eight years. Housing Element planning periods are sometimes referred to as “cycles.” The City’s current Housing Element covers the planning period extending from 2014 to 2021, which is referred to as the “5th Housing Element cycle,” in reference to the five required updates that have occurred since the comprehensive revision to State Housing Element law in 1980. All cities in the Southern California Association of Governments (“SCAG”) region are required to prepare a Housing Element update for the 6th Housing Element cycle, which spans the 2021-2029 period. The SCAG region includes Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, and Imperial counties.


The City’s Housing Element is nearing the end of its 2014-2021 planning period and the City is in the process of planning for the 2021-2029 timeframe. State law requires regular updates to ensure compliance with any changes in State housing laws, allow the City to become eligible for State grants and funding sources, consider changes in demographics, and demonstrate the ability to meet future housing needs.


The Regional Housing Needs Assessment (“RHNA”) is a part of State housing element law that determines the projected and existing housing needs for each jurisdiction in the State.  In its Housing Element, the City must demonstrate to the State that there are no unnecessary barriers to the housing approval process in order to meet the RHNA allocation for the City.

On March 4, 2021, SCAG released its final allocation of housing units for each jurisdiction in its region, which can be found here. The City has received a final allocation of 10,031 new housing units for this upcoming planning period.  Additional information on RHNA can be found at Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) and at California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD).

SCAG has prepared pre-certified housing data for the City, which can be downloaded here.  This data will be utilized as baseline information for the updated Housing Element.

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