Floodplain Management

Welcome to the City of Santa Clarita’s Floodplain Management Site

Sand Canyon FloodTo determine if your property is in a Special Flood Hazard Area:
(Please read all instructions carefully)

  • Click on the ‘Start your search’ link below. On the new screen, click on the ‘Search here’ input field on the top left.’
  • On the drop down, select a method to start your search; house number, Assessor’s parcel number or the street intersection
  • Enter your search information in the box on the left hand side, click the magnifying glass to begin your search. Some options provide a drop down list of searches matching your criteria. In this instance click on the applicable result, then click ‘Search’
  • Your selection will be identified by a blue box
  • Click on the ‘Layer List’ on the tool bar to the left (Three squares stacked op top of each other)
  • Click on the arrow sign to the left of ‘Hazard’ for a drop down list
  • Click on the 2nd box called ‘Flood Zone (DFIRM)’ and add a check mark to the option
  • View your location in the map. If a color overlays your property, view the flood zone designations that are color coded to their respective zones
  • Development in ‘A, AE, AH, AO’ zones is required to be regulated

Start your search

“The City of Santa Clarita (City) has historical records of Elevation/Floodproof Certificates for some properties within the City limits.

To determine if there is a record of an Elevation/Floodproof Certificate for a specific property, please click on the link Elevation Certificates and search in the folder labeled with either the first letter or number of the street name.

Please note some older property records are stored digitally in the City records and may not be reflected in these folders. Please also be aware, as flood maps change some elevation certificates may no longer reflect accurate information.

For additional information on the flood zones and any floodway designations, you may contact Building and Safety at (661) 255-4935 or Engineering Services at (661) 255-4942.

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