Levee Information

LeveeThe City’s floodplains contain sections of levees that protect the properties behind them from flooding events. It is a federal requirement that all levees meet the certification standard contained in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 44, Chapter 65.10. For levees to be recognized by FEMA, evidence that adequate design, operation, and maintenance systems are in place to provide reasonable assurance that protection from the base flood exists.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA’s) mapping standard for the analysis of levees was previously performed by an approach referred to as without levee. This method only allowed for recognition of a levee if it was certified by a Licensed Engineer and accredited by FEMA on the Flood Insurance Rate Maps. It gave no protection recognition for levees that did not necessarily meet all federal requirements but still has the structural integrity to provide some level of protection to the properties behind it. In March of 2011, FEMA discontinued its use of the without levee approach and finalized a policy for newer methodologies which more fairly recognizes the level of protection a levee provides.

During the mapping process, several miles of levees were identified and have undergone certification under the new FEMA guidelines, by the Los Angeles County Flood Control District. The certification documentation has been submitted to FEMA and the results will be reflected on the next revision of the Flood Insurance Rate Maps.

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