Special Districts

Our Mission

Sand Canyon – SR 14

The mission of the Special Districts’ Division is to advance City-wide beautification and quality of life services through the effective management of 2,300 acres of landscaping within the City’s 61 financially independent landscape maintenance zones; a street lighting system comprised of 18,500 poles and an urban forest encompassing more than 120,000 trees throughout the community.

What is a Special District?

Special Districts are formed to provide benefitting property owners with enhanced services, such as landscaping or lighting, which are beyond those generally provided by the City.  

How do Special Districts Operate?

North Park Monument

Special Districts in Santa Clarita are governed by the City Council and employ a professional manager and staff to oversee day to day operations.

How are Special Districts funded? 

Santa Clarita Landscape and Lighting District services are funded via special assessment revenues that are voted upon and approved by individual property owners.  The use of assessment revenues support services which confer enhanced landscape or lighting benefits upon specific properties located within the District and/or a specific zone which are “unique and distinctive” from other areas of the City. 

The Santa Clarita City Council conducts an annual public hearing every June to review and approve recommended special assessments amounts for the coming operating year which begins on July 1.  Once approved, these assessments are placed on the annual property tax bill generated by the Los Angeles County Assessor.

Water Conservation

The City utilizes smart irrigation controller technology to manage water usage throughout its Landscape Maintenance District Zones and Park Facilities. Since the introduction of Smart Controller Technology in 2010, the City has cumulatively saved more than 2.5 billion gallons of water.

For more information about the City’s efforts visit the Water Wise Website.