Contact Us

To expedite your request, please use the City’s Resident Service Center for all non-emergency requests.

Special Districts Administration

(661) 290-2200

Urban Forestry

(661) 294-2567

Streetlight Repairs (non Southern California Edison)

(800) 290-2200

For Emergency Contact

The City has a 24-hour LMD hotline at 661-286-4050. Messages from the answering service are forwarded for appropriate action. This hotline is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Vandalism & Graffiti

The City continually repairs and replaces irrigation parts, and plant material that have clearly been vandalized. Please report vandalism to the Sheriff’s Department (661-260-4000), and repairs to the City (661-290-2200). 

To report graffiti or tagging please call the GRAFFITI HOTLINE (661-25-CLEAN / 661-251-5326) or report online using the Resident Service Center.

Rodent Control

The City contracts with the Los Angeles County Department of Agriculture for rodent control. Inspectors provide control measures for rats, gophers, and mice within the LMD areas. If you have a particular area of concern, please contact the City at 661-290-2200