General Information

In September 1990, as directed by the Ordinance, the City Council passed the Oak Tree Preservation and Protection Guidelines. This document established the administrative procedures and rules for the implementation of the Ordinance.

As a matter of general practice, the City of Santa Clarita often revisits Ordinances as they age to ensure relevance and modern practices. The Oak Tree Ordinance and Preservation Guidelines are fifteen- and fourteen-years-old respectively. At the Joint Study Session of the City Council and Planning Commission on May 4, 2004 , City staff was directed to examine both documents in order to:

Streamline the Current Oak Tree Permit process.

  • Examine the distinction in the permit application process between individual residents and developers.
  • Examine the current fee structure associated with the Oak Tree Permit process.
  • Examine the development of an oak tree re-forestation program and tree tracking system.
  • Update any and all language and/or terminology in both documents that is no longer current.
  • Develop a public education strategy regarding the preservation and protection of oak trees.

Staff was also directed to receive input from the public regarding all of the items listed above. The purpose of this website is to provide information on the status of the process to revise the Ordinance as well as the Guidelines, and to provide an opportunity for members of the community to provide the City with their comments.

Contact Information

Should you require information in addition to that presented on this site, please contact:

Robert Sartain, Oak Tree Specialist
Special Districts Division , Administrative Services Department