Generally a landscape maintenance easement is recorded on the title of your property by the developer as condition required by the City.  This easement allows the City to go onto your property to maintain the landscape in perpetuity.  Installing a fence would impact or prevent the City’s from effectively and efficiently maintaining landscape improvements under the LMD’s care and/or keep swales on slopes free from overgrowth and debris.  These types of easements allow for planting of a consistent pallet across property lines as well as the maintenance of swales to direct water run off during rain storms.

As a government agency using tax payer dollars, the City is required to an open and competitive selection process to procure services and goods.  Under this requirement, the City develops specifications to which a provider submits a bid and attributes a cost for the City’s consideration.  If multiple bids are received, the bids are analyzed and the bid that is the lowest, most responsive and responsible is recommended to the City Council for contract award consideration.

The City recognizes a property owner’s desire for a view, and will work with residents to maintain view sheds when possible.  One person’s obstructed view is their neighbors’ screen of privacy and this needs to be taken into account when thinning trees or removing them.  Topping trees is not an accepted arboricultural practice, weakens a trees resistance to disease, its structural soundness and increases the risk of the tree’s death or catastrophic limb failure.

While the prolonged state-wide drought and water restrictions imposed by the Governor no longer allow the City to irrigate turf medians, no areas are being ignored.  While the 14 miles of medians which still have turf cannot be watered, the City continues to keep these areas weed and trash free and irrigate existing trees.  Existing turf medians will be incrementally replaced with a drought-tolerant landscape palate beginning with Valencia Boulevard in the summer of 2016.

If there is imminent danger, call 911. If there is no continued threat to persons or property call the City’s Special District’s division at 661-290-2200 for tree removal.  If you need to call after normal business hours, please use the LMD 24-hour hotline at (661) 286-4050.

County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works is responsible for landscape maintenance district areas outside the City limits.    During normal business hours call (800) 636-3535.  After normal business hours, call the Los Angeles County Hotline (626) 458-4357.

The City’s landscape contractors have been directed to politely inform residents they do not directly act upon a homeowner’s request. If you have a specific request, please contact the City by at (661) 290-2200 or by accessing Santa Clarita’s on-line Resident Service Center.

The City has a 24-hour LMD hotline at 661-286-4050. Messages from the answering service are forwarded immediately for appropriate action by on-call staff.

This hotline is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Use the City’s Resident Service Center for non-emergency requests.

A Landscape Maintenance District (LMD) is a special assessment district established to fund and maintain landscaping and appurtenances for slopes and common areas. The funds for these areas are collected through special assessments placed by the City on the annual Los Angeles County Assessor property tax bills and are administered by the City.

LMD funds are used for the maintenance of the landscaping, which includes mowing, weeding, trimming, fertilizing the plant material and utility costs, such as water and electricity. They may also be used for the enhancement of the existing landscaping and the installation or maintenance of select hardscape features, such as stamped concrete medians; concrete paseos; post rail and wrought iron fencing; irrigation controllers; pedestrian bridges and tunnels; lighting; and play equipment.

Generally, LMD assessments are calculated at the time your development is in its’ planning stage.  A special landscape benefit assessment may be proposed by either the City or developer.  Assessments are calculated based on the following cost centers: annual maintenance, scheduled and unscheduled repairs, and utilities such as water, reserve funding and administration.

LMD assessments proportionally spreads among individual parcels based on the degree of special benefit provided by the landscape improvements upon each property.  The City applies a rate methodology which calculates how assessments are spread among different property uses.  Once a maximum assessment has been established the City cannot increase without approval of the property owners. 

The City continually repairs and replaces irrigation parts, and plant material that have clearly been vandalized. Please report vandalism to the Sheriff’s Department (661-255-1121), and repairs to the City (661-290-2200).

To report graffiti or tagging please call the GRAFFITI HOTLINE (661-25-CLEAN / 661-252-5326) or report online using the Resident Service Center.

In the aftermath of the drought, there will be limited planting of perennials or flower beds.  Beginning in 2016, entrance and monument areas will be planted with a plant and ground cover pallet that is both colorful and uses less water. 

The City contracts with the Los Angeles County Department of Agriculture for rodent control. Inspectors provide control measures for rats, gophers, and mice within the LMD areas. If you have a particular area of concern, please contact the City at 661-290-2200.