Want to Be a Teen Juror?

Please complete this form and bring it with you to Teen Court.

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Teen Court Participation Form

I _________________________________ would like to participate as a juror in the Teen Court program. I have read and understand the Teen Court program court process and juror instructions. I am giving the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department permission to check y criminal history and school records to determine my eligibility as a juror. I spoke to parent/legal guardian about the program and have their permission to participate.

Name ________________________________________                                                                                 

Date of Birth ____________                          


Cell Phone Number _______________________

Email  __________________________________                                                                  

School                                       ___ Grade_______



 STUDENT SIGNATURE                                                                                               


________________________________________                ________________________________________

PARENT/GUARDIAN PRINT NAME                                              PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE 


Please Note:

If you are interested in attending a Teen Court Session and participate as a Teen Juror, please contact the court office at (661) 286-4004 or email: to be added to the list of participants.
Dress Code and Conduct will be enforced for all participants and members of the public in attendance.