Community Preservation

The Community Preservation Division encompasses five functions:
Code Enforcement, Housing, Graffiti Removal, Animal Care and Control, and Parking Enforcement. The Animal Care and Control and Parking Enforcement functions are managed through separate contracts with the County of Los Angeles and a private vendor.
Community Preservation Division staff serve as resource experts in enforcement activities in their respective areas, and seek to ensure compliance with State and City municipal codes and regulations. The goal of the Division is to improve and preserve the safety, appearance, and quality of life in the City. This is accomplished by community outreach and seeking to obtain voluntary compliance, as well as by encouraging the availability of housing which is affordable to households of all incomes.
Community Preservation staff is also involved with efforts to keep the City free of debris generated by transient encampments. On a monthly basis, staff post notices of the intent to clean encampment sites. With the assistance of a contractor, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and representatives from local social service groups, Community Preservation staff go to known  encampment sites to remove debris and offer resources to the City’s transient population.
The Community Preservation Division mission is to:

  • Maintain and preserve the integrity of our Santa Clarita neighborhoods
  • Encourage residents to preserve the appearance and value of neighborhoods in the City while promoting public safety 
  • Develop successful relationships with residents and businesses to instill pride and continue to improve the quality of life in the community
  • Ensure compliance with State and City of Santa Clarita municipal codes and regulations while providing excellent service to residents and businesses