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Mobilehome Residency Law Protection Act

Manufactured Homeowners – Have you been charged an additional $10 by park management? This fee is designed to serve mobilehome park homeowners through the Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL) Protection Act. As of January 1, 2019, park management is required to pay $10 for each mobilehome lot within their park. Park management may pass this fee through to residents. The Act established a program to help resolve certain types of MRL disputes between park homeowners and park management.

Beginning July 1, 2020, the Department of Housing and Community Development will start taking Mobilehome Residency Law-related complaints and coordinating assistance to help resolve the most severe alleged violations that the Department receives. If you have questions about this fee or the Act, please contact HCD at or 1-800-952-8356.
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New Manufactured Home Park Resource

The State of California Department of Housing and Community Development, who regulates Mobile Home Park matters, is offering a new resource within The Office of Mobilehome Ombudsman.  This new Mobilehome Assistance Center is designed to meet your needs within your Mobilehome Park by providing assistance with the following:

  • Health or safety issues
  • Mobilehome installation, inspection, maintenance and alteration
  • Unlawful or unlicensed mobilehome sales
  • Mobilehome Residency Law information
  • Mobilehome ownership documentation
  • Fraudulent mobilehome sale compensation
  • Other local resources

Please contact the Mobilehome Assistance Center:

916.263.4742 (Sacramento Area)
800.952.5275 (Toll Free)
800.735.2929 (TTD Number)

Mailing Address:
The Office of the Mobilehome Ombudsman
Mobilehome Assistance Center
Department of Housing and Community Development
P.O. Box 278690, Sacramento, CA 95827













Santa Clarita Municipal Code 6.02 and 6.04

Manufactured (Mobile) Home Parks in Santa Clarita are governed in
part by Santa Clarita Municipal Codes (SCMC) 6.02 and 6.04.  Other issues
related to mobile home parks, including building and safety code, park
inspections, and permits for construction are under the jurisdiction of
the State Department of Housing and Community Development.

The key issues addressed by SCMC 6.02 and 6.04 are listed below:

Chapter 6.02 – Manufactured Home Park Rent Adjustment Procedures

  • Requires parks to report on and register mobile home spaces.
  • Provides guidance on allowable annual space rent adjustments.
  • Creates a process by which a Hearing Officer may hear appeals of proposed space rent adjustments.


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Santa Clarita Municipal Code 6.02

Chapter 6.02 – Manufactured Home Park Rent Adjustment Procedures

Annual Space Rent Adjustments and Appeals

SCMC 6.02 requires that the Notice of any rent adjustment imposed in 2022 be provided to the manufactured home park resident by October 1, 2021. The Notice must include a summary of the requirements related to the contents of a rent adjustment notice and the rights of the resident to request an appeal hearing before the Hearing Officer.

In some circumstances, Manufactured Home Park residents may be able to appeal a proposed space rent adjustment. SCMC 6.02 requires that appeal petitions be submitted on the City’s Appeal Request Form, within 45 days of receiving the annual space rent adjustment notice.”

NOTE: The Request for Appeal forms are fillable pdfs. The information required on Part I and Part II are fillable, so you may type in the information and print the completed form. The Resident Signature Form also has space to fill in the name of the Park bringing forward the Request for Appeal. Residents signing the Request for Appeal form will still need to write their space number and name on the form, and sign it.

Santa Clarita Municipal Code 6.04

Chapter 6.04 – Manufactured Home Parks-Change in Use

  • Outlines the permit process associated with a Manufactured Home Park that seeks a change in use.

California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD)

All issues not specifically addressed by SCMC 6.02 or SCMC 6.04 are
under the authority of the State of California Department of Housing and
Community Development (HCD).  Below is some helpful contact information
for HCD:

Regulations Covering Mobilehome Parks in the City of Santa Clarita

In addition to the City of Santa Clarita Municipal Code Chapters 6.02 and 6.04, there are regulations enforced by the State of California Department of Housing and Community Development. California law governing mobilehome parks is titled the “Mobilehome Parks Act.” The following is a link to the State Department of Housing and Community Development’s webpage where you can find links to all of the current versions of the state laws and regulations pertaining to mobilehomes, including the Mobilehome Parks Act, the Mobilehome Park Regulations, the Special Occupancy Parks Act, and the Mobilehome Residency Law.

Please click on this link to access these documents: